Lion Babe Are About To Become Your New Favorite Pop Duo


Big hair, don’t care forever.

Have you heard about Lion Babe? Consisting of Vanessa Williams’ daughter Jillian Hervey and producer Lucas Goodman, this unique duo delivers a mix of funk, soul, urban, and pop music that is nearly impossible to resist. Their latest single, “Jump Hi,” features a dance-inducing beat and uplifting lyrics about finding the light during the darkest of times. It’s not club fodder by any means, and even though Childish Gambino delivers a crazy good verse I would be absolutely stunned to see radio embrace this track without a huge demand from the public. That said, this song deserves to be HUGE. The video is performance centric, but it serves as a fitting introduction to the group. Check it out:

Lion Babe’s Jump Hi EP is out soon on Outsiders/Polydor. I honestly believe this duo could be the next big thing in pop music, but that can only happen if people like you – the listeners on the cusp of everything that’s new – make an effort to tell people about Lion Babe’s killer sound. Will you do that for me? Please?

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