Pusha T Surprises Fans With The Release Of “Lunch Money”


Oh shit. The rest of hip-hop might as well take the day off because Pusha T and Kanye West just delivered a surprise track that is going to have people talking until long after the sun goes down.

Featuring a beat that makes “Numbers On The Board” sound like child’s play, “Lunch Money” finds King Push going in over a production that could have only been conceived by Yeezus himself. It sounds like a sci-fi flick meets an underground drug ring, and the lyrics serve as a strong reminder why Pusha T is the hottest emcee in music today. You can stream the single, in full, below:

Pusha T has not announced any plans to release a new album, but the debut of “Lunch Money” already has hip-hop writers buzzing about the possibility of a new album from the angsty half of Clipse. Comment below and let us know your thoughts on the latest delivery from Pusha T.

James Shotwell

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  • Brian Lion

    This just sounds like an old Kanye track… Too much Yeezus, not enough Push.