The Latest Fall Out Boy Single Is Nothing Short Of “Irresistible”


Say what you will about the most recent singles from Fall Out Boy, but I am confident fans new and old will find something to love about the latest song to surface off American Beauty/American Psycho.

Titled “Irresistible,” the latest promotional release off Fall Out Boy’s new album is by far the catchiest song the band has released in at least a year. It finds a perfect balance between the genre-bending sound of Save Rock And Roll and the type of material found on the band’s earlier releases, with a hook that simply cannot be denied. It’s definitely not the band you remember from high school, but for the first time in a long time, that is perfectly okay. You can experience “Irresistible” below:

Pre-order bundles for American Beauty/American Psycho are available now. If bundles aren’t your thing, a digital pre-order is available on iTunes. Either way, American Beauty/American Psycho arrives in stores on January 20.

James Shotwell

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  • Shiraz Husain

    Awesome song, totally agree!