John Carpenter Streams “Night” From ‘Lost Themes’

john carpenter

The Master Of Horror and creator of some of the best films ever to grace our screens (Halloween, The Thing, Big Trouble In Little China) is set to release an album, titled Lost Themes, on February 3 via Sacred Bones Records. We’ve already heard and worn out the first single, “Vortex,” and now we’ve been given another taste of the 9-track release with “Night.”

More brooding, toned-down and seemingly simple-structured than “Vortex,” the newest synthy single to surface from John Carpenter’s upcoming effort is also the album’s closing number and would serve as the perfect soundtrack to a night of stalking in the fog, although we neither condone or suggest that. Much like the previous single, “Night” could easily fit into nearly any Carpenter classic and furthers our excitement and anticipation for next month’s release of Lost Themes.

Stream “Night” below and pre-order your own copy of Lost Themes through Sacred Bones or Amazon. Be on the lookout here at UTG for a vinyl review upon release.

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