Listen To Jay-Z’s Unearthed Pre-‘Reasonable Doubt’ Demos

Jay-Z Magna Carta Holy Grail 2013

1988 was a very long time ago. Iconic rapper and entrepreneur Jay-Z would have been nineteen years old; the same age range a good portion of his fans are in right now. With that in mind, this portion of his supporters were undoubtedly not around when the Brooklyn native was spitting fire before independently putting out his debut record, Reasonable Doubt, in 1995. This first album, along with all his other work that succeeded it, sent his career to the highest of highs.

Fifteen records, numerous Grammy awards, and a basketball stadium later, Jay-Z’s unsigned work greets us in the form of a compilation of his old demos surfacing the web, exhibiting to all that his hard-hitting verses have been making appearances since day one. Mass Appeal has unveiled a playlist of the aforementioned demos earlier last night, which will be reportedly remastered and released very soon. You can take a listen below.

Dana Reandelar

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