Tyler Shippy Parts Ways With Dayshell


Dayshell just went from a four-piece outfit to a three-piece. The band announced that guitarist Tyler Shippy has parted ways with them. According to their statement, he left for personal reasons. He has found that balancing his personal life and the life of a touring musician something that he can no longer uphold. You can read what they had to say below.

Luckily for fans, the band has no plans on slowing down any time soon. They are planning on having their friend Nick Rossi temporarily fill in for Shippy during for their Soundwave performance.

Hello to our wonderful DayShell family!
I am writing this to let you guys know that Tyler Shippy
will no longer be apart of DayShell.
It was his personal choice to leave the band, it’s really hard
to balance the struggles that can come with being in a band
and tying to living a normal life.
Shayley, Jordan and I have no plans on stopping and
we will continue to write and record our next album as planned.
The three of us wrote and recorded our first album
and we can do it again.
Being in a band and pursuing your dream comes at a price,
we’ve all sacrificed so much for this and so have our families in order for us to do this. As long as we have you guys, our amazing
fans we call family we are unstoppable.
Our buddy Nick Rossi from the band City In The Sea will be filling in for Tyler at Soundwave. He’s a killer player and we are thankful
he is helping us out to do this tour.
Continue to believe in us because we believe in ourselves
and believe in all of you.
Cheers to this next record and chapter of DayShell,
Love you guys!
Raul, Shayley & Jordan.

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