RATATAT Stream “Cream On Chrome,” Their First New Single Since 2010


Ratatat are finally back, after an excruciatingly long five years since their last release, 2010’s LP4.

The New York duo have been next to silent for the entirety of their time out of the spotlight. However, they are playing at Coachella tonight, which you can see much later on the festival’s YouTube live stream.

As far as where this track will end up, no official information has been provided but rumblings of a presumed LP5 have been floating through the industry ether for some time. “Cream On Chrome” is a funky, upbeat, and intricate jam reminiscent of the tracks found on Ratatat’s now-appropriately-titled 2006 album, Classics, as opposed to their more recent material which saw the two exploring slightly weirder territory.

Stream Ratatat’s new single below via “music video” and let us know what you think.

Brian Leak

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