New Weezer Track “Everybody Needs Salvation” Appears Online


Fan clubs are more important than ever in helping an artist to develop and maintain a presence in the modern music industry. The trick to finding success isn’t starting one of these clubs, but rather finding ways to retain members while continually encouraging others to join. Weezer have done this by offering free music to fans, as well as concert tickets, and I’ll be the first to say their dedicated fan base is largely the reason they continue to receive so much attention today.

Recently, Weezer offered fan club members the exclusive chance to purchase a rare 7″ single featuring a previously unreleased song titled “Everybody Needs Salvation.” The song was allegedly recorded around the same time as the group’s last studio album, but for one reason or another it ended up being left on the cutting room floor when that title was pushed out to stores and streaming services. One fan bought the 7″ and decided to share the song with the world, so you can now stream “Everybody Neeeds Salvation,” for free, at the end of this post.

Weezer have yet to comment on this song’s arrival online, but given the crazy catchy and infectious nature of the track I’m almost certain they won’t complain. Click below and enjoy!

James Shotwell

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  • cc

    Actually, the 7″ single was given to all the fanclub members. It didn’t take long to leak, but we’re actually okay with that since it sounds great. ;)