Third ‘San Andreas’ Trailer Shows Even More Destruction

San Andreas Movie

With less than a month to go before a fictional California succumbs to the unimaginable horror that would ensue if the San Andreas fault were to become overactive, Warner Bros. has shared a third trailer for The Rock’s first disaster epic.

Yes, amidst all the sequel and reboot news it may have been easy to forget that The Rock will be battling an earthquake this summer, but that is exactly what happens in San Andreas. Dwayne Johnson stars as a search and rescue helicopter pilot who must search through the remains of a recently leveled Los Angeles to find his wife and daughter, all while a series of earthquakes causes more and more damage to the surrounding area. It’s not exactly a once in a lifetime type of film, but rather the kind of big budget destruction fest that studios churn out every five or six years. It’s like The Day After Tomorrow or 2012, only with a focus on California. You can view the new trailer below:

I’m all for The Rock battling the forces of nature, but after three over-the-top trailers I have to wonder how much chaos remains to be seen. The trailers for San Andreas have focused heavily on the initial quake, as well as the numerous structures that collapse in its wake, but is there anything else to see? We’ll find out when the film opens May 29.

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