Lana Del Rey Says New Album ‘Honeymoon’ Arrives In September


Rejoice, Lana Del Rey fans. The queen has spoken, and we have good news to report that will bring great joy to everyone who hears it.

Last night, Lana Del Rey took her summer 2015 tour to Washington State where she performed before a crowd of thousands. Though no video of this moment has surfaced, several fan reports from the event claim Lana told fans that her long-teased new album, Honeymoon, will hit stores in September. That’s just four short months away!

It’s a little hard to tell whether or not anyone is controlling Lana Del Rey’s rollout for Honeymoon up to this point. No single has been released, but the vocalist is currently selling lyric books featuring the title track on her current tour. She’s also reportedly shot a video for the album, not to mention randomly announcing major tidbits, like the release date, while performing in a city other than Los Angeles, Chicago, or New York City.

Don’t get us wrong: We’re happy to see all this information hit the web while we’re still months away from the actual record, but in terms of building momentum every effort made so far feels entirely disconnected from everything else that has transpired. Maybe I’m just missing something? If so, comment below and set me straight.

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  • max

    the lead single for Ultraviolence came only 2 months before the album dropped. So maybe we’ll hear something in July