Drake Drops Unreleased Freestyle During Detroit Performance


Warning: You probably aren’t ready for this.

Drake is not spending much of the summer on the road, but right now he’s currently joining Future on the far too short ‘Jungle’ tour that is hitting arenas nationwide. Last night the run stopped in Detroit at the Palace Of Auburn Hills, and the man behind Views From The Six decided to share something never before released with the crowd of thousands who had paid to see him perform. We weren’t there, but fortunately for us (and you), someone shot a video.

Now you’ve probably seen Drake freestyle before. His flow, though not as smooth as it typically is on records, always feels closer to poetry than what most consider hip-hop. His latest effort is no different, as Drake touches on the drawbacks to success, the isolation that comes with fame, and his complete inability to give a shit about what haters may think of his latest moves. The full freestyle, from what we can hear, goes something like this:

Thank you so so much for wearing your true colors to every single ****in’ function
had ni**as tell me to my face how we were family and how they love me
while they were schemin off the budget, now when I see em they the ones actin’ funny
people been reachin’ out to me but I’m on some straight on (?)responsive ****(?)
Look I would have so many friends if I didnt have money, success, and accomplishments
I would have so many friends if I held back the truth and just gave out compliments
I would have all of your fans if I didnt go pop and I stayed on some conscious ****
Man, I would have so many more friends if I lost my respect and my confidence
‘Cause im in the club every time that they play the competition
if they even play the competition
and I see no response they get, nobody’s even hearing it
on top of the pyramid, might go to Detroit and disappear again
My circle got so small that its a period, saying to myself….

Y’all better not come to my studio with that fake ****
Y’all better not come to my funeral with that fake ****
All I…All I…All I ever ask is that you keep it 100
Yall better not come to my studio with that fake ****
Yall better not come to my funeral with that fake ****
Your better off realizing there’s nothing you can do with me
All I ever ask is you keep it 8 more than 92 with me….100

You can view a fan-filmed video of the freestyle below. If you want to see Drake perform before he hits the studio to finish his upcoming album, click here for tour dates and ticket information.

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