SINGLE REVIEW: Foreign Tongues – “Fools Of Love”

foreign tongues

Artist: Foreign Tongues
Song: “Fools Of Love”
Album: Summer Of The Reaper (No Sleep Records sampler)

If you have yet to taste a foreign tongue, time to pucker up.

I have said for a while now that Boston-based indie rock act Foreign Tongues‘ upcoming debut LP would be one to watch, and with our first sample of the LP, “Fools Of Love,” I hope you have been listening. Releasing later this year, the as yet untitled debut through No Sleep Records has been in the works for some time, and the band returned to producer Jay Maas of Defeater to create it. We interviewed the band last October, where guitarist Alex Drivas told us they were in the process of writing the LP, and happily desiring to work with Maas again, saying, “he does everything the way we like, and he likes what we do. We love working with him.”

“Fools Of Love” is a four-minute piece of art that pushes the band into new soundscapes all while containing the essence and vibes they have been cultivating for their past few releases. The band has always been able to create a multiple of emotive sounds throughout their tracks, and keep them consistent and in check, restraining from erupting into excessive tangents. With this mindset no different for “Fools Of Love,” the band create a bright and airy resonance with their musicianship, holding an upbeat groove that sways between soaring guitars and ascending riffs. Grounded by a thick bass and percussion, the band are as luminous as ever. This creates the heavy felt duality the band is so smart at creating. With musicianship that feels entirely pure and natural, the vocals and melodies are able to sneak into the mix shifting the feel of the entire piece, ever layering the growing palate the band weaves. With vocals beautifully delivered with pain behind the words, yet such ease in execution, “Fools Of Love” comes alive in ways you would not expect.

Reminiscent of The Cure, The Twilight Sad, Iceage, The National and more, Foreign Tongues have only solidified their ability to create dense, but brilliantly written music. “Fools Of Love” should not feel like it is from a debut, though it surely is. Defined with naturalism and clarity that bands well into their careers have still yet to attain, Foreign Tongues remain as one of, if not the most exciting band to watch in 2015.

Now, when can I get more?

Review written by Drew Caruso — Follow him on Twitter.

Drew Caruso

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