Breathe Carolina Follow The EDM Herd With “Anywhere But Home”


Breathe Carolina rose to popularity at a time when your Myspace profile image was a thing that people thought meant something about your status as a creative artist. For their page, the men of BC appeared covered in brightly colored paint. It’s an image that has become a symbol of a digital generation now long gone, but thanks to constant reinvention the group has continued to build a fervent following of dedicated fans (despite losing one half of its creative force).

Today, Breathe Carolina are alternative headliners who have spent about half a decade toeing the line with mainstream success. Their inability to constantly chart on top 40 has never been all that important because the band has always seemed to pride themselves on challenging listeners new and old with music that pushes that boundaries of what is currently considered acceptable in popular music. That is, except for their latest track, which is pretty much exactly what you would expect from any one of the many faceless EDM acts currently populating mainstream music culture.

“Anywhere But Home,” which is a collaborative effort between Breathe Carolina and Apek, hit the net on June 10 with an accompanying video chock full of scenes from BC’s hectic tour schedule. It’s harmless EDM fodder that rises and falls with the same sense of youthful energy you have come to expect from major genre singles over the last few years. It’s a bit too redundant for my taste, but the enthusiastic production is certainly nothing to write off completely. You can stream the song and view the video below.

The YouTube description for the song reads as follows:

Denver based Breathe Carolina teams up with APEK for a stunning release on Zouk, blending warm vocals, huge synths and a great atmosphere into an outright masterpiece. “Anywhere But Home” is an awe-inspiring, progressive slammer, suitable for regular listening sessions and massive festivals alike. No matter how often you will play this record, it will never cease to blow you away.

Comment below and let us know if you believe the statement above is true. Heck, comment if you think it’s a lie as well. Just let us know what you think of “Anywhere But Home” and whether or not you want more of this from BC in the future.

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  • Hank Grossen

    Im really not into Arena EDM so I’m definitely biased. I wish it was more vocally driven, and I wish it had their ‘punk’ vibe that makes them so fun. If I didn’t know this was them I would have thought it was just some radio EDM band.