Gucci Mane May Be Free This Summer

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Gucci Mane, otherwise known as the only Ice Cream Man the world will ever need, may soon be a free man.

Early this morning, June 22, producer Mike Will Made-It sent the internet ablaze when he tweeted that rapper Gucci Mane would soon be released from prison. As the rumor began to spread, a Reddit user claimed to know for a fact that Gucci, real name Redric Davis, would be released on July 11. He wrote, “I work for a few record companies in Atlanta and some people from his camp are my good friends. He is being released on July 11th.”

DJ Lil Bankhead took to Instagram a little later to write, “JULY 11 MY HOMIE BACK IN THE STREETS SALUTE,” alongside a photo of Gucci.

For the record, no one from Gucci’s camp has confirmed or denied this information as of yet. The rapper was sentenced to three years in jail in early 2014, so if he is being released it would likely be due to good behavior. That said, the Federal Bureau of Prisons records still lists his release as being slated for 2017.

It can be hard to remember how long Gucci has been behind bars because his presence in hip-hop seems as strong as ever. His next mixtape, Trapology, is currently slated to drop July 1. Some believe the release rumor may just be hype to raise awareness for the mixtape, but we’ve got our fingers crossed Gucci will soon be free once again. Stay tuned.

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