It’s Hard To Be “Bored” While Listening To The Obsessives


Near Mint Records took a chance on The Obsessives when their label launched in the middle of 2014. The band, which hails from Washington D.C., had only just begun to gain the attention of the music industry at large, but that didn’t stop co-founders James Cassar and Corey Purvis from putting their faith and money into the group’s dreams. A tape was made, the first of what would become many for the little label, and it sold out in no time at all.

Fast-forward one year and The Obsessives are about to become the first band to release a full length vinyl through Near Mint Records. Their latest single, “Bored,” gives you all the explanation you need to understand why Near Mint are so dedicated to helping the band succeed. The track takes cues from the best elements of the modern indie rock scene, then blends those ideas with a large dose of alternative and emo sensibilities that, when combined, create a sound wholly unique to The Obsessives. We’ve had the song on repeat for about six days now, and we figured it’s high time we share the glory of The Obsessives with the rest of you. Click below and enjoy.

If you want to support The Obsessives (and we really hope you do), head over to Near Mint’s store and pre-order their debut album. You won’t regret it.

James Shotwell

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