Well Kept Things Release “Great White North” Video


The best pop-punk band to come out of Buffalo, New York this year has just released a new music video we know you’re going to love.

You may or may not know about Well Kept Things at this point, but if the rest of 2015 is anything like the first half of the year there is not a doubt in our minds the band will be everywhere in no time at all. Their sound is reminiscent of Just Surrender when they were at their best, only with the unique twist of lyrical sensibilities that can only be found in artists hailing from upstate New York. “Great White North” showcases this perfectly, with an unforgettable hook and a melody that will stick in your brain for days. You can view the video for the track, which was directed by Corey James Harris, below.

Well Kept Things’ debut EP, Homegrown, is available now through Antique Records. Click here to claim your copy.

James Shotwell

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