Drake Buries Meek Mill With “Back To Back” Freestyle


Several days have passed since Drake responded to Meek Mill‘s claims of hiring ghostwriters with his chill, yet vicious “Charged Up” freestyle. You may have thought Meek would have responded by now, and if that’s the case you are not alone. Everyone was expecting the Maybach Music Group member to retaliate to Drake’s line, which he himself called “Baby lotion soft” over Twitter, but here we are at 9:30 AM on Wednesday and Meek remains silent.

Drake, on the other hand, has something more to say.

Raising the bar to a height I’m not sure Meek Mill has ever reached in his entire career, Drake just delivered a knockout blow to the Dreams Worth More Than Money creator with a new freestyle titled “Back To Back.” If “Charged Up” left you feeling like Drake was still holding back, this is the track that will reassure you the “6 God” is as wise and skilled as ever. You can stream the track below.

The smartest move Drake has made in this short-lived beef with Meek Mill is referencing the things people say about him in his own raps. Just like Eminem’s character in 8 Mile, Drake’s decision to refer to himself as a “singing n***a” basically does away with Meek’s ability to call him soft or ‘not from the streets.’ Drake isn’t claiming to be anything except himself, and he knows when it comes to that Meek Mill is going to find it hard to locate a flaw.

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