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Phoenix is not a city that is typically viewed as a hub for emerging talent, but we recently learned to see Arizona’s urban heart in a new light after hearing the cosmic, dream-pop stylings of Luna Aura. Her music is as much influenced by the songs on the radio as it is by the hits of the urban underground, and the combination of those two elements has created a sound that is altogether new and intoxicating.

Luna Aura released her latest EP, Supernova, through digital retailers on August 7. We were a bit slow to discover her talent, so we were unfortunately not prepared to properly praise her latest work when it arrived in stores. Lucky for us, Luna had a desire to share the inspiration for her new material with fans, and we knew we could play a role in making that dream come true.

Today, we are thrilled to present a track-by-track breakdown of Supernova written by Luna Aura. You can find her words below, as well as a sample of the record. If you would like to learn more about Luna and her plans for the future, please head over to her official website and be sure to catch her live next time she is in your area.

Like You: Not that anyone should have a favorite child or anything, but if all five of the songs on “Supernova” were my babies, “Like You” would definitely take the cake as ‘ Mom’s favorite ‘… I wrote and produced this song with a very talented, and young producer named Josh Li. I met him through mutual friends and I liked his production style, so I was really interested to see what we could come up with together. We were coming from two completely different places stylistically. He was used to creating upbeat, super-produced, dance music, and I was used to creating more minimal, light-hearted, pop tracks. So what you get is the best of both worlds on this one. I wrote it specifically about people who feel misunderstood, and those who feel as though they are the only one of their kind. It’s a love song about finding somebody who finally understands your weirdness, and adds to it in the best way possible. It’s about realizing you’re never alone in life.

Gravity: This is one of my “sexier” songs so to speak. I think it’s sexy because it has a lot of attitude in it. I felt like such a punk while I was writing it, and I loved every second of it. It’s about being so attracted to someone, you can’t stay away from them. Even though you know you are probably no good for them, there’s always some sort of magnetic force that brings you right back around. The song was produced by myself and my good friend Sean Chris, as well as a very talented producer/writer from LA named Nick Block (who also mixed and helped produce every song on the EP). Sean and I had been producing songs together for about a year, and this was one of our latest productions. When working with Sean, I always learn something new about production and how we can essentially use whatever we want to get the sounds we’re looking for. I’m a sucker for abnormal sounds, and a touch of dissonance, and I really wanted this song to sound like what space would sound like if space were a pop song.

Dancing With Your Ghost: This is a song that was produced by a very talented individual by the name of Eric Sanicola. It was co-written by Eric, myself, and a lovely songwriter named Brooke Ross. This song was my first time sitting with other songwriters and experiencing a true writing session out in LA, and I absolutely fell in love with it. Writing is so much more rewarding when you can bounce your ideas off of other artists, and when you can allow yourself to be inspired by others in the session. I learned a lot about myself and my songwriting process while creating this tune. At the time, I was dealing with a very difficult situation in my life that had to do with my younger brother, Tony. He had passed away a month prior to this writing session and I really wanted to write something that would make him proud. We wrote the song about love in its natural state, which is steadfast and eternal. I wanted to tell my brother that I can still feel him in everything I do, and that I’m ready to share his love and his story with the world. I can feel him smiling every time this song is played.

Supernova: I named the EP after this track simply because it describes everything I stand for as a female artist and/or extraterrestrial creature. I wrote it about self-worth, and acknowledging that you are an intelligent, beautiful, and amazing being. Something the world should be afraid of, and something that you should be wildly proud of. I wrote it with women specifically in mind, because I was tired of hearing all the sad girl, shirt-tugging shit that was being shoved down young girl’s throats at the time. I wanted to write something that said “I know who I am, I can take care of myself, nobody will define me, and I am unapologetically me… So if you want it, you better work for it.” It’s sassy as hell, and I wrote it alongside the perfect producer named Brock Roulier. He’s one of the silliest/coolest people I’ve ever met, and he was definitely the perfect person to work with on this track especially.

Trigger: This is a song that I also wrote about my little brother. Oddly enough, I started writing it a year before he passed, and it was originally about losing someone or something that left a mark on you that you would never be able to forget. I started writing it over a year ago, but I couldn’t get myself to finish it, so I stopped until it made sense to go back to it. I have a feeling I had been writing it about my brother the entire time, and something inside of me knew the pain already. I wrote the rest of the song almost immediately alongside a producer named Steve Lueder, who was very welcoming of my vision and what I wanted this song to be, and I will be forever thankful for that.

I wrote this entire EP alongside friends, family, and people that I believed in. A majority of the producers I worked with live in my hometown, and I am so blessed to have been given so many incredible opportunities to meet so many talented and loving individuals. All of those individuals have become some of my best friends. Everything that went into this EP is authentic, from the soul, and I can only hope that some part of it will inspire somebody in the same way other artists have inspired me all my life.

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