Handguns Rise Above Genre Trends With “Disenchanted”


As much as Handguns have been considered a part of the current pop-punk movement, I have always thought of them as something of an outlier. Their music may play well alongside current alt-rock favorites, but the themes in their music and the way their fans engage with them is something wholly unique unto Handguns. What gives them this ability is not something you can pinpoint or pick apart, but rather something you feel when their music plays. It’s inspired by the now, but it’s also hoping to be something so much more than a disposable perspective on a fleeting moment in time. Handguns want more out of their music, and as a result they have cultivated a fan base that demands more from their scene as a whole.

With their fourth studio album just over a month from release, Handguns have made the record’s title track available for streaming. “Disenchanted” finds the band meshing their signature sound and songwriting with a number of classic punk inspirations, including Sum 41’s Does This Look Infected?, and the results are nothing short of electric. The energy and attitude you have come to expect from the band are as present as ever, but there is a distinct edge of musical maturity threaded through the entire affair. You can stream the song, which premiered earlier today on Kerrang’s official site, at the end of this post.

Pre-orders for Disenchanted are available now through Pure Noise Records. Comment below and let us know your thoughts on Handguns’ new material.

James Shotwell

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