UTG PREMIERE: Charles Ellsworth – “A Packed Suitcase”


There is something about melancholy music that pairs with fall like pumpkin spice lattes or hoodies, only with more of an emotional connection. It’s not that we believe people love being sad when they see leaves change colors, but something about the transformation happening in nature does lead many to reflect on their own lives. They think of the summer and how they felt alive, or they prepare for the winter and the difficult conditions it may bring. They think of everything that was and hopefully will be again, but they know not everything will go as planned, which is where music comes in.

Charles Ellsworth is currently preparing for the October 16 release of his new EP, and today the incredible singer-songwriter has partnered with UTG to share a new song titled “A Packed Suitcase.” As you may be able to decipher from the title, the song tackles love lost and the lingering pain it brings. It speaks to memories of days you thought would last forever, and the way you can still feel the joy they brought rattling in your soul. It does all this and more against top notch production led by a simple series of chords. You can stream the track below.

When asked to comment on “A Packed Suitcase,” Ellsworth offered:

“I wrote the opening line to ‘A Packed Suitcase’ while traveling solo through the PNW [Pacific Northwest]. One of those overnight drives where you suck down cigarettes like they’re necessary to life, and in a sense they are.”

If you love what you hear and decide you need more new music from Charles Ellsworth then you owe it to yourself to pick up a copy of Wildcat Chuck Charles when it drops October 16. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

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