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Antique Records has announced the addition of Louisville’s Before The Streetlights to their growing roster of talent. The group’s label debut, Westward, will be released on December 11. A preview of the EP’s lead single can be heard at the end of this post.

Writing to fans about the decision to join Antique, a member for Before The Streetlights commented:

“We were all just a bunch of kids in high school when we started this band. Only dreaming of being where we are today. We are eager to grow and move forward to bigger and better things with Antique Records and our entire team.”

The team at Antique Records wrote a note to celebrate the news as well. Their message to fans reads:

Kentucky is not the first place you think to look when seeking the next big thing in pop punk, but if that is the sound you’re looking for then you need to visit the city of Louisville. First made famous by baseball, the Derby City is now quickly becoming known as home to Before The Streetlights, a four piece band on the verge of something big.

That’s an easy proclamation to make on the internet, but in this rare case it is almost certainly true. Combining the best aspects of modern pop punk’s heavier aesthetics with the catchiness and high-gloss production of late 2000s genre fare, the young men of Before The Streetlights are breathing fresh life into a side of punk that has been due for a comeback with vigor and creativity to spare.

Listening to ‘Westward,’ the band’s upcoming label debut, brings to mind the first time you knew pop punk was the genre that would change your life. The album grabs you from the openings moments with infectious melodies and top notch production that quickly leads into hooks made for sing a longs with your current and future best friends. It reminds you of the summer you first realized you had an identity all your own, and the lyrics address the often complicated emotions that soon followed. From the difficult decision of where to follow your heart or your dreams, to regret, sex, and knowing when to admit you’re in the wrong, every track on ‘Westward’ speaks to what it’s like to grow up knowing you are meant for something greater than whatever you are today.

Listen to the teaser below and let us know your thoughts on Before The Streetlights’ sound. We’ll have more on the band next week.

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