UPDATED: Listen to ‘Death Cab For Yeezy,’ the unforeseen mashup you never knew you wanted

death cab for yeezy

Update: Apparently the tracks have all been removed. We’ll replace them if they’re re-added.

Following in the formidable footsteps of such unlikely but oh-so-fantastic mashups as Wick-it the Instigator’s The Brothers Of Chico Dusty and Danger Mouse’s The Grey Album, Death Cab For Yeezy has made its grand appearance on the web. It’s a mashup, which, as you undoubtedly put together by now, melds the works of Washington indie rock darlings Death Cab For Cutie and constantly-controversial rapper Kanye West.

Consisting of six tracks with Death Cab foundations (three cuts from Transatlanticism, three from Plans), each is layered with Kanye’s vocals, a majority of which are taken from 2004’s The College Dropout. In a formula that really shouldn’t work but succeeds in many ways, the mashup—created by Reddit user dcfy—is imaginative and serves as a genuinely enjoyable listen. It may not always flow as seamlessly as the aforementioned fusions, with the occasional rough edit smothering the fire a bit, but if you’re in the market for something unique that unites the talents of two vastly different genre pioneers, Death Cab For Yeezy should hit the spot.

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