Gideon King & City Blog provide easy listening on debut LP

gideon and city blog

New York renaissance man/musician Gideon King has stepped away from working solo, with a mission to create something truly captivating within a full-band setting. The project born from this idea is Gideon King & City Blog, a group that completes that aforementioned mission with a compelling amalgam of smooth jazz fusion, classic rock, and alternative pop.

With at least eight instrumentalists and ten vocalists (including King) contributing their talents to the band’s debut, City Blog is a 10-track effort rife with multi-layered arrangements that contain influences from all ends of the musical spectrum—likely to be found interesting to fans of older classics like Steely Dan and newer acts in the vein of The Reign Of Kindo.

Below, you can stream the four-minute title track from the collective’s newest release and follow what they’re up to on Facebook as they continue to create.

Brian Leak

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