Enea shares video for new single, “21”

enea rapper

Opposite his debut solo mixtape, Detroit rapper Enea has released a video for “21,” a standalone single that’s dropped 13 years after Enea began rapping at the age of 8. The visual accompaniment to the single features Enea performing the song along with two acoustic guitarists (and a lot of They Live-related art on the wall), sometimes at his mom’s house, sometimes at a skate park.

Touching on his intentions for this project, Enea says, “I’m doing this for the love of the music and so that I can travel the world with my family and friends.”

Below, you can watch the video for “21” and also stream the entirety of Enea’s 17-track debut mixtape, titled Accept Me. If you want to keep up with the rapper’s moves, follow him on Twitter.

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