Cecil Otter’s ‘Dear Echo’ was well worth the eight-year wait

cecil otter dear echo

Up until this week, founding Doomtree member Cecil Otter hadn’t released any new solo material since Rebel Yellow, his excellent debut LP that originally released in 2008. He’s since been heard on Doomtree releases and select guest spots, but fans have been eager for solo Cecil, to be sure.

After releasing a single new track recently, to the delight and surprise of many, Cecil Otter followed it up with the announcement that the track, “Cross Countries,” is actually the opener to a new, three-track EP, titled Dear Echo. Featuring material written some time ago, the EP is comprised of three new songs and their expertly-produced instrumentals as well.

Dear Echo is available digitally through Bandcamp now. A limited edition vinyl version (1,000 copies on white) will be released some time in June, with pre-orders available now as well.

Without further ado, you can stream Dear Echo below, where you’ll also find a message from Cecil Otter on the release and why he’s chosen to share these songs now as opposed to holding onto them for his forthcoming LP.

Here are 3 songs that I wrote a few years ago. The plan was to put them on the full length that I’m working on, but these 3 in particular were written about/for a certain part of my life that has been in the rear view for so long that they didn’t make sense with the more recent songs I’ve been writing.

Instead of adapting them to the new tracks or letting them fade away completely i decided to cut them loose. For me, it was a good way to show fans of my music that there is still a pulse and a plan to put out new music and all of the other music i’ve made in the past instead of keeping it to myself, fearing that the world might explode if anyone else hears them.

I could go into detail about what these songs mean to me, but I’m not going to. I keep that kinda thing to myself as the meanings tend to change for me very often. People who know my music would also know that my songs are very cryptic and overflowing with word play, but they give you the space to make up your own worlds and meanings.

It should be known that without the support of some very important people in my life these songs as well as the next round of albums would have most likely been left to rot on an old hard drive or not have been made in the first place. If these songs mean anything to you then you have a handful of beautiful people to thank for that…as do I.

Here are some…

Ryan Olson
Zack Coulter
Justin Vernon
Joe Westerlund
Sage Francis
Benson Ramsey
Jake Hanson
B.J. Burton
Diana Ky
Andy Lund

the list can and will go on…

Expect more and more solo work and production from me and everyone else in the near future.

All the best and love to y’all.

—Cecil Otter

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