UTG PREMIERE: Weller – ‘Career Fair’ EP

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Today, we have the immense honor of premiering Weller‘s brand new EP, titled Career Fair. Recorded with Modern Baseball’s Jake Ewald at The Metal Shop in Philadelphia, Weller’s newest will work its way into the hearts and minds of those who can’t get enough of Ewald’s band and similar Pennsylvania acts like Tigers Jaw, Three Man Cannon, and Petal. Listen through the four-track effort below and try to tell us we’re wrong.

Speaking on the release, guitarist/vocalist Harrison Nantz tells UTG, “Career Fair is an EP about that one year after college that makes you feel like you can accomplish anything, but we’re all really just four-chord songs.”

If you enjoy the EP, you can purchase a digital copy for yourself or pick up a CD and/or cassette through Honest Face Records. Physical orders will ship later in May.

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*Featured image courtesy of Emily Dubin

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