Moneen – It All Started With a Red Stripe [DVD]

Band: Moneen

Title: It All Started With A Red Stripe

Genre: Documentary

Release: 05/13

Distributor: Vagrant

I finally dragged myself away from Mario Kart long enough to review the .moneen. dvd “it all started with a red stripe” and I really wish I’d gotten to it sooner. The dvd consists of 4 parts: A mini-documentary, a live concert, some music videos, and my personal favorite: tour diaries.

The mini-documentary (titled “The Start To This May Be The End To Another”) was very entertaining. It chronicles .moneen. being signed to Vagrant Records, and the recording of The Red Tree album. It was very interesting to see the refining process of the songs (the record company wanted them to work with a producer for the first time) and it really gave some insight in to how .moneen.’s creative process worked. Also, the bands antics (which included beating each other with a red plastic bat and handcuffing people to cars) was a welcome bit of comic relief.

The live concert recording was pretty well done too. I missed having big sweeping crane shots and good crowd angles, but the audio was great and the footage was pretty clear and appealing. .moneen, puts on a great live show, and even for people who have never heard of them this is worth a watch.
I’m not going to go in to great detail on the music videos, they’re all here and they are what they are. If you like .moneen. you’ve seen them already, no big deal.

My favorite part of the whole dvd was the tour diaries. This is a collection of crazy antics the band had on their canadian and american tours. You get such gems as “.moneen. tries to empty their septic tank” and “the drummer sings some reggae”.

All in all this is a great dvd for all music fans, not just fans of .moneen. (although I’m sure they will enjoy it that much more).

**Written by: Justin Proper**
Grade: 8/10

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