Carnifex – The Diseased and The Poisoned

Band: Carnifex
Album: The Diseased and The Poisoned
Genre: Black/Death Metal
Label: Victory

1. Suffering
2. In Coalesce With Filth and Fury
3. The Nature of Depravity
4. Adornment of the Sickened
5. Innocence Died Screaming
6. The Diseased and The Poisoned
7. To My Dead and Dark Dreams
8. Sadistic Embrace
9. Answers in Mourning
10 Aortic Dissection
11. Among Grim Shadows
12. Enthroned in Isolation

Here comes some epic DEATHCORE! The new Carnifex album is advertised as “Deathcore doesn’t get any sicker than this!” and I couldn’t agree more. I can only pray to the metal gods that instead of the stupid, “if you like Job for a Cowboy,” tags on all the deathcore cd’s we can get, “if you like Carnifex.” I hadn’t really heard much of these guys until this release, and now they have owned my cd player for the last month.

The Diseased and Poisoned grabs you by the testicles right away and never lets go. Everything about this album is by the books brutal as hell. With songs like, “Innocence Died Screaming,” and, “Aortic Dissection,” Carnifex stands up and lets you know why they’re one of the best bands in a genre full of repetitive, faceless bands. There isn’t a track on this album that I dislike at all.

The vocals are amazing. Scott has his highs screaming and his lows growling. There is a great distinction between all of his vocal styles, made even more obvious when they’re overlayed on top of each other. The vocal performance alone is such a breath of fresh air (so to speak) to the genre.

The music is exactly what deathcore should be. Epic guitar riffs over amazing drumming. We’ve got so much thunderous double bass that even Thor would be envious. The guitar work is fast and technical. No songs sound the same, thanks to the riffs. Oh, and how could I not mention the breakdowns. Oh my God – the breakdowns. I haven’t heard breakdowns this brutal since I lived next to the mental hospital. Seriously, I just want to throw down every time I listen to this.

Why are you still reading this, GO BUY THIS ALBUM RIGHT NOW!

*Written By: Justin Proper*
GRADE: 9.5/10

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