Beneath The Sky – The Day The Music Died

Band: Beneath The Sky
Album: The Day The Music Died
Genre: Metal/Hardcore
Label: Victory

1. Nature of The Beast
2. True Friends Stab You In The Front
3. With a Gunsmoke Kiss
4. Misery With A Delicate Voice
5. Option For The Lonely
6. The Belle of the Ball
7. It All Ends With A Smile
8. I’ll Call This My Own
9. Another Day
10. The Pursuit Of…

Before I heard a single track of the new cd I had extremely high hopes for this album. I’ve been listening to Beneath the Sky for awhile now and I’m a huge fan. So I was pretty pumped when James asked me to review this album. The first thing that really stands out about BTS is their vocals; they range from being brutal as a beast from the depths of hell to being almost what I consider mellow. The have extremely good range, but the vocals aren’t even close to the only thing about this band that stands out Every single member in this band is full of talent, determination and love for music, and you can tell by the way they play. Beneath The Sky is one of the few Metalcore bands that actually bring a unique sound to the stage, thus being a relief to modern day Metalcore. With that being said, this album doesn’t disappoint.

The title, The Day The Music Died is a reference to February 3rd 1959, the date that 3 major musicians of the time died. (Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and Jiles Perry Richardson).

The Day the Music Died is by far the best work I have heard from BTS yet. There are two tracks (“With a Gun Smoke Kiss”; “Misery with a Delicate Voice”) that appeared on their first EP (More than you can Handle) that they completely reworked. It was completely worth doing because these tracks hit way harder then the originals. One thing I really appreciate about this album is the wide range of playing styles that they used. They didn’t go strait up “in your face” brutal like I expected. While I really enjoy their heavy stuff, I must admit I really enjoy and admire them a little more because they took the time to write and record something a little different that I didn’t expect.

“True Friends Stab You in The Back,” featured guest vocals from Colby Hatt from the band Otumshank. He helped make this track a lot more dynamic and diverse then some of their other stuff. They went all out on this track with crushing riffs and a harsh breakdown that you feel right in your stomach. With this only being the second track on the album I knew that this would be a really good album before I even heard the third track.
The song that stands out the most on this album has to be, “The Belle of The Ball.” It is also the longest track on the album, almost reaching 10 minutes long (9:40), but they accomplish a lot in that time. This track does not get boring or take a break at all. but rather It goes from heavy to relaxed and suspenseful right back into pure brutal only to end on mellow. The only word I can really say that best explains this track is “epic.”

“Respect for the Dead,” was also a really well written song. It starts off really mellow and out of nowhere hits you with a powerful change in tempo, distortion and vocals. The line, “When there’s no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth” is a reference to the movie Dawn in the Dead which leads strait up through one of the most intense breakdowns I have heard in my entire life.
Now going back to the mellow part’s of the album. Normally I really don’t care for mellow songs at all, but the song, “Another Day,” was lyrically phenomenal and I really respect the writing for this song as far as the lyrics, but the instruments were pretty dull through the full song.

I really feel that as far as anything that Beneath the Sky has recorded, this album is by far the best work from them that I have seen yet. It has so much diversity and shows how talented and unique they really are. They went into the studio to record the best possible album that they could and all I really can say to sum it up is they went far and beyond any of their previous work. If you are a Beneath the Sky fan, and you haven’t heard this new cd yet, then my friend, you need to go out and purchase it. If there has been an album this year that is worth the money to buy, it is this. They really make a heavy footprint into the music industry with this album.

*Written By: Danny Weiss*
GRADE: 9.5/10

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