We Interviewed Ben from The Status!

There’s a new band on the scene that we at UTG think deserve some attention. The Status just released their Doghouse Records debut this week and you should probably prepare to hear a lot from them in the coming months. James got a chance to talk to Ben Grant yesterday while the band traveled on their tour with Bayside and The Matches and the outcome of the conversation can be found below:

J: How does the day find The Status?

TS: We just got to Detroit to play St. Andrews. We’re doing an in store with bayside before the show as well.

J: You guys are literally just getting exposed to the scene as a whole, could you give us a history of the group?

TS: We’ve been a band for 2 years. A lot of the first year had  us staying locally and regionally. We wanted a home fan base and solid songs. Last year we did more touring, but a lot of short 2 weeks tours that were relatively close to home. Then this summer we hit the road more and signed to Doghouse.

J: Why did you choose to call Doghouse Records home?

TS: Basically, we felt they were small enough to cater to our needs and pay attention to us as a band. Then at the same time, they have the ability to help us get where we want to see ourselves one day. They have a solid history and we feel they can really work well with us.

J: Your debut label release, So This is Progress, just came out on the 7th, what sets it apart from other albums out there right now?

TS: I think what we try to do as a band is relate to people. Our songs are easy to relate to with life experiences and such. We’re a young band, but after we post lyrics we have a lot of people tell us they connect with what we say. That was kind of our goal with the record. Everyone goes through a lot of problems daily and you just need someone to tell you that it’ll be alright and that’s what we try to do.

J: Is there a story behind the title  and/or the album art?

TS: There’s a hint of keeping on and not giving up obviously. Some people think the art is political, but it’s really just about not giving up. We thought the concept of soldiers at war really represented that. 

J: I notice you have some big names backing you up on the record [Adam from Taking Back Sunday and Anthony from Bayside]. How did you get such big names in the scene to work with you?

TS: Anthony manages our band and we’ve developed a professional and friendly relationship. We talk all the time about songs and writing and when we decided to do that album, I asked him and he agreed. They were recording at the time and act

Our guitarist grew up with Eddie from TBS and they were working in our studio and we got to talk to them. We were pumped to meet them and never thought they’d work with us, but he agreed to and in no time he was working in the vocal booth. It’s crazy because they’re such big bands and to have them work with us is just amazing.

J: For those long time followers, what has changed with The Status form your EP to now?

TS: Not a whole lot honestly. We took some of those songs for the record because we felt they were still relevant. If anything, I think, like anything, you mature over time and some of the new songs are probably deeper and more technical than before. Still the same sound.

J: I now a lot of people have trouble tagging bands in “the scene,” as a certain sound. If you were asked to describe yourself, how would you go about it?

TS: We’ve stuck with powerpop for awhile now. Then again, it is difficult.

J: Random: Life and time not being a factor, what four bands would you put on a tour together?

TS: Opening: Elliot Smith
Next: Taking Back Sunday
Followed By: Oasis 
Headliner: Weezer

J: We don’t believe in final questions, only closing statements. You’re not allowed to plug your tour or album. So…the floor is yours:

TS: I hope kids keep coming to shows and supporting music in general. Right now it’s so important with the digital age, theeconomy, etc. to pursue your passion and you need support to do that. Just keep doing what you love because that’s what counts.


*Written By: James Shotwell”

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