We Interviewed Josh from Showbread!

Talented? Check. Hectic live show? Check. Career the likes of which have not been duplicated? Check to the max. Showbread is one band that lives in a league all their own and after talking to their vocalist Josh, it’s plain to see why. This is a band driven solely by a love of music and performing. Read the conversation below and if you haven’t listened to Showbread before, DO IT NOW!

J: Josh, what are you up to today?

Josh: We just got to Detroit and we’re sitting in the van waiting on the venue. The usual.

J: Now I know you have done a tour where you played solely from the new records, but are you still doing that on this tour?

Josh: No, we actually had a big undertaking with that tour. There were tvs and a big presentation, but after a few months of all that we just went back to a more..uh…normal show. We’re inserting songs into the regular mix now.

J: How hard has it been to fit in the new songs, which followed a story, into a set list of seemingly random songs?

Josh: It’s actually really hard. You’ll have some song that’s like “death” or “the end” which is the big climax on the albums and it’s put right before something like “Mouth Like A Magazine” and it feels weird. You have this super heavy song and it’s sandwiched with these songs that aren’t as heavy and telling jokes before doing something serious never works so we just try out different songs and see what fits best. Or at least better than others.

J: Do you notice people singing along with the new material even thought the lyrics weren’t put into the booklet?

Josh: I mean on easier songs yes, but it has been the type of thing where when we were on the release tour, people would be into but not singing along with it. The album has  a website with the lyrics, but kids today, if you don’t hand them the lyrics, have problems finding them. I do as well [laughs]. Though there is a link on the site and they didn’t make the booklet because it would have been too much with the story and everything.

J: I know you’ve already begun writing for the next record, how’s that coming along?

Josh: It’s coming well. It’s been odd because of all the line up changes, but we’re in a really good spot with members right now. It was never bad, but with some line ups we ha d a lot of different opinions and now we’re all on the same page and working on similar ideas. We pass along files and cds with demos and this winter when we go home we’ll dig really into it. Maybe we’ll record late spring or summer.

J: Are you continuing to use themes with the next record [where Age of Reptiles had an animal theme throughout and Anorexia/Nervosa was simply a giant tale of two sisters]?

Josh: so big and had to draw from one story that it put us in a spot where we just want to focus on songs. I mean, in the end, I mean, every album we do has some solid themes on them so we’ll see what happens.

J: Before that’s even in the picture, I’m sure you’ll be touring for quite awhile. What’s on the docket for the fall/winter?

Josh: We’re on tour with Maylene and Static Lullaby until Mid-November. Then we’re taking the end of the year off and then we’ll start back up in like February as well. This is a great tour to end things on.

J: With such a hectic live show, I’m sure there is some preparation before you take the stage. What is pre-show like for Showbread?

Josh: Usually:

Someone tells someone else that Confide just started and then we find each other and get changed. Then we tune and everyone is running around and trying to get pumped up. Then we’re on stage and like “oh wow, we have to play” and then it all comes together somehow.

J: You also have a dvd coming out this winter, what can you tell us about it?

Josh: The dvd is really cool. Ideally, for me, if I were buying a band dvd, this would be an ideal dvd. It’s packed. 2 discs. 2 hour documentary. Music videos, concerts, outtakes, tour docs, and tons of things. We’ve been working on this for awhile now and adding things to it and now it’s just a big ol boy.

J: It seems like you had a ton of source material. Has this always been the plan? I mean to release a dvd of all these years or was it a more recent idea?

Josh: Our first band camera was in 2001 or 2002 and we started joking about a dvd. Then when we had a year of stuff we took it more seriously. We talked to some people about it and then it went back and fourth for a long time until my brother and I started a production company and decided to put it out.

J: Do you have any fears of letting people this into your personal lives?

Josh: No, I mean, it’s a lot of footage of 7 or 8 guys in a van and you have to cut out a lot of fart jokes and such. A lot of the jokes that we share end up being like, slapping each other with belts on bare butts, but that won’t be there. There are some censored things and black bars, but it’s all real and straight up.

J: Random: What superhero would you love to be and why?

Josh: Captain America ideally, but I don’t know if I’m man enough to do that. Spider Man seems like he has the most fun, but he’s really conflicted. Deadpool is my favorite, so I’d love to be him. He’s cooler than Wolverine and just, amazing.

J: We don’t believe in last questions, only closing statements. The floor is yours:

Josh: If you’re going on tour in the winter and it’s really cold and everyone is telling you to bring a big coat, but you disagree. You need to bring a big coat. Along with that, I’ll encourage everyone to get a kitty.

**Written By: James Shotwell**

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