Tantric – The End Begins

Band: Tantric
Album: The End Begins
Genre: Rock
Label: Silent Majority

1. Regret
2. Down And Out
3. The One (Clean)
4. Love Song
5. Wishing
6. Something Better
7. Lucky One
8. The End Begins
9. Monopoly (Clean)
10. Why Don’t You
11. Lay

Tantric is an alternative rock band from Louisville. They focus on bringing something new to the now extremely over-worked rock scene. Having many influences, sometime they even include a touch of grunge in their songs. They have previously released their self entitled album “Tantric” and “After We Go.”

When Tantric began writing The End Begins they wanted to do something a little bit different then their previous stuff. As a result, they came out with a pretty alright album. There is a pretty good range of heavy and mellow on this album, but onto the tracks.

The first track that really stands out would be the one which is entitled “Down and Out.” It starts off with a violin playing then a pretty heavy riff joins in with a chunky bass line. The vocals are mixed really well and are quite unique sounding. The vocals are kind of grungy on this track at points, but also get pretty melodic.

Another track that I also enjoyed was “The End Begins.” This song is a lot different from any other track on the album. There is a really unique riff throughout the track. The vocals sound a lot cleaner and the lyrics really get to you. The bass rumbles perfectly and keeps the perfect low sound to make this track really good. They also used a really unique effect on the guitar for this track.

“Wishing” is also a pretty good track. It starts off with a really mellow and clean guitar riff, joined with clean vocals, then drums and bass jump in and takes the track to the next level. This track has some pretty good diversity throughout. It jumps from slow to fast and back to slow quite a bit. The lyrics are really catchy.

Overall I will say Tantric achieved what they wanted. This cd is pretty unique and shows a little different side then I expected to see from them on a few different tracks. There was a pretty good diversity throughout this album. The major thing that I really did not care for was there was almost a lack of energy on this album, overall the tracks are much more mellow then their older stuff, but at the same time it still sounds pretty decent.

*Written By: Danny Weiss*
Grade:  6.5/10

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