Emery – While Broken Hearts Prevail


Band: Emery
Album: While Broken Hearts Prevail
Genre: Rock
Label: Tooth and Nail

1. The Smile, The Face
2. Edge of The World
3. Say The Things [You Want]
4. Ten Talents
5. It Always Depends
6. Thoughtlife
7. Do The Things [You Want]

Coming from the raw intensity that was displayed on their debut album, The Weak’s End, Emery explodes onto the scene yet again with passion and dedication. Their new EP titled, While Broken Hearts Prevail, is a stunning roller coaster showcase of the Rock/Screamo style their fans are all too familiar with. It encompasses all that is hardcore from their first album and delivers the lyrical canvas that Toby Morell paints. 

The band chooses to return back to their roots with a fusion of hardcore breakdowns and catchy choruses with tracks such as the heart-pounding opener “The Smile, The Face”. It delivers a blast of ever-present screams and electric guitar chugging with “Edge of the World” and “Ten Talents”. They incorporate softer and thoughtful tones with intricate piano and synthesized progressions on such tracks like “Thoughtlife” and “Do The Things (You Want)”. Emery truly delivers on their promise and gratifies their growing fan base. 

It is truly evident that Emery has recaptured what title was rightfully theirs with While Broken Hearts Prevail. The band is heading for a more traditional style of their own rather than the much more alternative approach they took on their last album I’m Only A Man. 

Emery has an intensity that delivers both volatile rhythms and melodic choruses. The influences of Freddie Mercury of Queen are clearly evident and the escalating rhythms of Led Zeppelin are reminiscent with their trademark slow progression and crescendo to full atomic explosion to completely satisfy the most hardcore aficionado. Emery fans will surely be pleased to listen to this astounding album.

*Written By: Grant Trimboli*
Grade: 8/10

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