Black Stone Cherry – Folklore and Superstition

Band: Black Stone Cherry
Album: Folklore and Superstition
Label: Roadrunner
Genre: Rock

1. Blind Man
2. Please Come In
3. Reverend Wrinkle
4. Soulcreek
5. Things My Father Said
6. The Bitter End
7. Long Sleeves
8. Peace Is Free
9. Devil’s Queen
10. The Key
11. You
12. Sunrise
13. Ghost of Floyd Collins 

Every ounce of me wants to hate this album.  I’m serious! The lyrics are by far the weakest part of the writing and I swear I’ve heard each of the songs from any one of the bands these guys share a label with.  That being said it’s no wonder that so many people are tuning in to Black Stone Cherry.  They have that sound that reminds you of the early days of Pearl Jam with the snap your neck rock and roll of recent day rockers like Nickelback and Kid Rock, without the mainstream buzz.  This stuff is definitely something we could be hearing on the radio in the not so distant future.  Like I said before, the lyrics make you feel like you’re in the third grade and crying over a scrapped kneecap.  I can’t get past the cheesy references to life that have been hacked to death by so many bands before.  If you can get past that your golden, this album has some talent waiting to spring into life very shortly.

*Written by: Dr. Nuge*
Grade: 7/10

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