Live Report – See You Next Tuesday

See You Next Tuesday
Grand Rapids, MI

The closing of Skelletones music venue is looming over the heads of everyone in the Michigan music scene. For the better half of a decade, Skelletones has been easily one of the best venues in the entire stte [regardless of size] with a welcoming staff, amazing sound, and some of the best shows for the littlest price. Two of our staffers [myself included] attended Michigan Grindcore favorites See You Next Tuesday [Ferret Records] last chance to take the stage at this prestigious venue and the short set that followed left almost everyone there in sheer awe of the power of this frantic genre of music.

Having released one of the year’s best albums [according to us] in October [Intervals is the album by the way], SYNT have been pretty nonstop on the tour side of the business and it seems like that’s how they’re destined to spend the next year of their lives. However, like any band in their home state, this show carried something special. There wasn’t many in attendance, but those there had a fire of seeing one of their own make it in the world that just couldn’t be denied. Fox, Drew, and the rest of the band hit the stage with a calm presence, but four snare hits later, all hell had broken loose in a glorious montage to all things heavy. From the thundering snare/cymbal work, to the ridiculously intricate guitar work, to the demonic screams, everything fell into place with seemingly little effort on SYNT’s side. It came out a few tracks in that the vocalist [Fox] was a bit inebriated, but his stage swagger only added to the set’s power. He still hit everything, but now there was a much more relaxed stage presence on his behalf, randomly walking around and knocking mic stands over for no real reason. It worked to his advantage though, as Fox is not known for knowing what to say between songs, but drunk Fox had a lot to say [mainly informing the crowd to buy pizza, and then their album, not the other way around].

For a band whose two albums put together, minus any extra hidden tracks, lasts about 40 min., a 25min. set is a long time. Yes, a headlining set from SYNT only last a bit under half an hour. Don’t fret though, it was completely worth the $13 cover at the door. Even with some members a little under the influence, the show was phenomenal. Coming from someone who earlier this year hated grindcore, you best believe this show was specatacular. No effects with lights or super set ups, just 4 guys with a passion for music.

Hint to the world of music: This is what it is all about. Not the fame, or the number of plays on Myspace, but the sheer passion you have for what you do. I hope we can one day find the industry filled with bands with this much heart. Until then we have SYNT and that’s good enough for me.

*Written By: James Shotwell*

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