In Fear and Faith – Your World on Fire


Band: In Fear and Faith
Album: Your World on Fire
Genre: Metal/Hardcore
Label: Rise

1. Intro
2. Pirates…The Sequel
3. Your World on Fire
4. The Taste of Regret
5. The End
6. The Road To Hell Is Paved with Good Intentions
7. You Already Know You’re A Goner
8. Live Love Die
9. Strength in Numbers
10. Relapse Collapse

Having gotten a great start with their Voyage EP, In Fear and Faith have returned with their label debut, Your World on Fire. This metal/hardcore/screamo explosion of sound may be a bit generic in terms of overall sound these days, but IFAF makes it feel more fresh than anything in a long time. Songs about pirates, love, and life make up the majority of this record and I can honestly say no follow up has pleased me as much as this release. 

From an eerie intro that ends with a child’s voice reciting, “yo ho yo ho, a pirate’s life for me,” straight through the jaw dropping, “Pirates…The Sequel,” Your World on Fire begins with a perfectly produced and structured bang that doesn’t give up. This is only carried on with the title track and other sequential jams. Some may write off lyrics like, “why don’t you take all the trouble and pull yourself out, take some gas and a match, and burn it down,” as cliche for bands, but it’s done with great skill and simply radiates.

Outside of lyrics, the music stands out on this record as never before for IFAF. “Your World on Fire,” has great guitar work and, “The Taste of Regret,” steps outside of the normal synth work and gives us actual piano playing mixed into metal. The drums, oh my the drums, the production on the set is perfect and the playing seems flawless. It hits and it hits hard. Every line of every track feels laced with hard work and determination. Even the classic IFAF track, “Live, Love, Die,” feels brand new with a tighter sound and better production. It simply comes dressed and prepared to impress. It’s not all machines either, you can tell it’s actual craftsmanship and that’s what sets IFAF apart.

It may be considered a bit old fashioned in the scene to mix screams and singing, but something about this release makes it feel fresh again. Having been a personal fan of the band for over a year, I think my hopes for this album were higher than most, and the band followed through on every level. The writing and structure has developed greatly, but it still feels like IFAF. Having moved over 30k tracks on Itunes and toured constantly, the only reason for signing would be for more exposure and distribution which, given the quality of this record, is earned again and again by IFAF. If you have any passion for the metal/hardcore world, or simply love pirate, BUY THIS ALBUM. It’s early in 2009, but the bar has already been set pretty high for all albums in this field to come. Bring it, IFAF are ready.

*Written By: James Shotwell*
Grade: 9.5/10

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