Secret Secret Dino Club in accident!

Below is a blog post from Jayce of Secret Secret Dino Club regarding a serious accident the group was in this past weekend:


Saturday, August 22, 2009

Big accident please read!
Hey guys! As some of you may have heard, us and our friends Allstar whom we were sharing a van and trailer with got in a huge accident last night on our way to a show in Charlotte. We were pulling into a gas station and a semi truck smashed into us, destroying our trailer and van and crushing all of our gear. Luckily none of us were seriously injured. Our guitars, drum sets, suitcases, merch, everything, was smashed by some guy who was speeding and looking for his water bottle (and we didn’t even get an apology….geeeeez) The reason we were in Allstar’s van was because ours broke down less than a week ago and we no longer have a van. And now, we no longer have equipment, or really anything. I hate asking for help, or making people feel sorry for me or anything, but i could really use some help to get back on my feet while insurance and things get figured out. The best thing you could do to help, if you have any extra money, is order merch or a cd or something from our webstore. I would never ask for money without you getting anything in return. We have a split with Allstar in the merch store that you can buy and help both of us get some of our stuff back. Or you could just say something nice because we are all kinda stranded for a little while and kinda sad :( If you don’t want to do that, you could just tell me how much you hate my music or my band name and stuff.


we’re selling a trailer and a snare drum, 1k each OBO JKJKJ LOLZ

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