Foreshadowing of Next LCD Soundsystem Album

Courtesy of Pitchfork

James Murphy has discovered Facebook. Or, more accurately, the man behind LCD Soundsystem has figured out that his band already had a Facebook page, and he’s now using it to drop all manner of intriguing news about the forthcoming LCD album.

(Or at least we think it’s him. It hasn’t been confirmed that the person doing the updating is, in fact, James Murphy. But it sure seems like him.)

If you’re one of those people who can’t help but tell the world about your car troubles or pizza topping preferences, take note: this is how you use the status update.

Yesterday afternoon, Murphy wrote, “i think new album in march. so there.”

Murphy claims that the band will tour next year: “as many places as we can. places we’ve been to a bunch (hello, dearest glasgow!) and hopefully places we’ve never been (mexico? serbia? china?) with what i think will be the best version of the band yet.”

Murphy also dropped some details about a new single, encouraging everyone to buy the wax version: “should be a certain number of free downloads of the new single when it’s ready. i must say, though, that we’re trying to make the vinyl include a free download, so i recommend that. mainly because we worked really hard on the art and the mastering, and we’re proud of it.”

He then went on to name a few of the people involved in the album’s production: “the art is photos by ruvan Wijesooriya and graphics by dfa superdesigner mike vadino of bureau. the mastering for the vinyl (and digi) is by my engineer hero, original mentor, and best vinyl cutter ever, bob weston of shellac at chicago mastering. i’m honestly really excited.”

Late last night, Murphy finally reiterated the most important pieces of info he’d already mentioned: “record: march. tour: after.” Hopefully Murphy will use the Facebook page to tell us even more about this new album before he inevitably gets distracted with all the “Which ‘Lost’ Character Are You” quizzes that Facebook has to offer.lcd

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