T.I. ‘s gotta new vid

In the time before he started his year-long prison sentence earlier this year, T.I. stayed busy. Perversely enough, one of the things he stayed busy doing was filming a video in which he’s in prison. If you were a rich and famous rapper about to go to prison, you think you’d want to be as far away from any sort of prison as possible until you absolutely had to start that bid. That’s why you’re not T.I., I guess.

The clip for a new Tip track called “Hell of a Life” is on MTV’s site now, and thankfully it doesn’t dwell too much on that whole prison thing, focusing most of its time on the fun shit the Atlanta rapper will have to give up behind bars, getting its narrative juice from the contrast between that and his current situation. The song is a synth-drenched party jam, but it still carries that little twinge of sadness that seems to come with everything T.I.’s done lately. Check it out below:

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