Pavement Reunion: what to expect

Courtesy: Pitchfork

In the press release announcing Pavement’s reunion last month, there was a line that stood out: “This tour is not a prelude to additional jaunts and/or a permanent reunion.” Now band member Bob Nastanovich has confirmed the “one time only” nature of the upcoming gigs in a Quietus interview. When asked if the band would “do new material” on tour, he replied with a simple-but-effective “no.”

Talking about how the reunion came about, he said: “Did it take a lot of prolonged dialogue and intense meetings fueled by whisky drinking? No, our longtime U.S. booking agent Boche had dinner with Stephen [Malkmus] in Chicago this summer and they agreed to work on Pavement in 2010. The rest of us have always been willing.” Click here to read the rest of the brief chat.
Sounds pretty business-like! Dudes, please don’t kill our excitement for this just yet, thanks.

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