New Drummer vid

Courtesy: Stereogum
The Black Keys’ Patrick Carney teamed up with four other drummers to create Drummer, a band of drummers, with only one drummer. Which means the other guys (Jamie Stillman, Jon Finley, Steve Clements) are out of their comfort zone, except for Greg Boyd, who gets to stay behind the kit. (Carney’s a bassist here.) Despite the game of musical chairs, the end result sounds like something much greater than a simple side-project. Take the cautiously joyous and fittingly propulsive “Feel Good Together,” which could recall a less guitar-heroic, somewhat groovier Built To Spill on a feel-good day. Or, maybe you already did. And now it has a video to match — the dudes are animated and smiley and slightly ducky, there are various explosives used as they lay waste to a city, but at the end over the smoking ruins? A rainbow. Caution, joy.

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