Cartel Release “Lets Go” Music Video

Pop-punk band Cartel recently premiered their video for “Let’s Go,” the first single from their new album, Cycles. Nearly 200 fans showed up to be extras at the shoot, and 80 of them were given hand-held cameras to record their view of the band’s performance in an abandoned warehouse. The fan-footage was then edited together along with the official footage to create the video. The guys list the “Let’s Go” video as one of their favorites that they’ve made so far, so check out the fun here. Cartel has also posted a quick behind-the-scenes look at the making of “Let’s Go,” with observations from the guys in the band, the producer and the director. Watch here.

Cycles will be released on October 20th, while the single is available now on iTunes. Cartel kicks off a headlining tour with The Summer Set and This Providence on October 22nd, with stops across the country through the end of November. See the band’s Myspace page for all tour dates and details.

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