Foo Fighters Greatest Hits!

Courtesy: StereoGum

There’s no doubt that, of the bands who hadn’t yet had a greatest hits release, Foo Fighters’ was among the more overdue. They’ve constantly cranked out awesome modern rock songs and topped the radio charts! Even back when people knew what a radio was! There are myriad reasons for this sort of package: to celebrate the hits, to reframe an artist’s catalog for critical reevaluation, to make all the money. As for adding new bonus tracks? At their best, they’re incentive to completists to shell out the cash again. In the case of “Wheels,” maybe to prove just how “all-American” a band is by rewriting a Tom Petty song. What they’re not meant to be, however, is junk filler with self-conscious swears that essentially parody the idea of a “rock song.” Whoops, too bad “Word Forward” exists. Although there is something beautifully ironic in a song about the power of words being so limply lyricized.

Word for word for word for word for word. Foo Fighters’ Greatest Hits is out 11/2. Also don’t miss the video for “Wheels,” which has the Foos in a practice space so expensive looking that you really shouldn’t feel compelled to spend any more money on them.

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