M.I.A. Working on “Gucci Mane Meets Animal Collective” Album

Courtesy: Pitchfork

Up until now, psychedelic travelers Animal Collective and mushmouthed mixtape MVP Gucci Mane have had exactly two things in common: (1) Both of them sound like they’ve ingested mountains of illicit substances in their lifetimes, and (2) Zomby has remixed both of them. (Also, Gucci’s line about how his little boy one but his shoes 400 isn’t that thematically far from “My Girls”. And if Animal Collective were the types to wear diamonds, they might rock something like this.)

But according to Diplo, AC and Gucci might just find some common ground in the near future. On the next M.I.A. album. That’s right: M.I.A. is working on a new album, Kala collaborators Diplo and Switch are working on it, and Diplo says it sounds “like Gucci Mane meets Animal Collective.”

Pretty much everything about this story screams awesome.

Pedestrian.tv recently interviewed Diplo, who said: “Been in the studio with M.I.A. working on her new record. It’s like Gucci Mane meets Animal Collective. I think there are a couple of people [producing], but we’re going to finish it off, me and Switch. We’ve done like four tracks already.”

The full interview, which isn’t available yet, looks like it’ll include some even more intriguing stuff, like talk of plans for a Major Lazer Adult Swim show.

Can this M.I.A. album hurry up and come out already?

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