HYPNO5E to headline the METAL AS ART Tour

French experi-metalists HYPNO5E have just announced their headlining run through the US on the METAL AS ART Tour with Revocation of Relapse Records, and The Binary Code. The METAL AS ART Tour marks HYPNO5E’s second tour in the US, and expect the band to play a little bit of new material live this time around.

HYPNO5E’s Emmanuel Jessua (vocals, guitars) comments: “We are very excited to come back to the USA to tour with Revocation and The Binary Code. Our first tour in the USA was really amazing, and we can’t wait to tour again! Come and check us out in your city.”

The METAL AS ART Tour has a whole host of sponsors including Ultimate-Guitar, MetalSucks.net, SMNnews, Metal Injection, Killer Tours, Metal Review, The Ripple Effect, Team All About The Music, Tones Of Death, and Ed Stone Rockwear who’ll be giving away exclusive Metal As Art t-shirts (attached) to two lucky winners at each show.

HYPNO5E’s debut full length, Des Deux L’une Est L’aure, can be streamed in its entirety here.

((( Headbang here: http://www.myspace.com/hypno5e )))


Here’s what the press has to say:

Metal Underground –

“From breakdowns behind classical female vocals to gut-wrenching screams and syncopation, the band covers more ground than Rambo ripping through a jungle… A surrealistic venture through several genres of haunting ass-kickings, because this is an album meant to frighten, impress, and envelope the listener.”

The Ripple Effect –

“Experimentally proggy, technically over the head, and brutal all at the same time, these guys hear music in their own unique way and aren’t afraid to stretch their sound to distant and, as of yet, unimaginable dimensions… This is the type of album that will make you question all that you know, or think that you know, about music…

Rock Freaks –

“Sludge, death metal, electronica and dark ambiance meet under the umbrella of progressive rock to envelope the listener in an oppressive, obscure soundscape that juxtaposes the beautiful with the grotesque in a seldom-heard-before way.”

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