Alfamega children involved in violent altercation at T.I.’s nightclub

Courtesy of Def Sounds:

For former Grand Hustle artist Christmas time was anything but a joyful time as tragedy struck his childen.

Alfamega’s children were attending T.I.’s Atlanta club, Club Crucial, when a violent altercation broke out leaving his daughter with multiple stab wounds and left his son with a broken jaw.

Despite his beef with T.I., Alfamega confirmed the altercation had nothing to do with T.I. or any other Grand Hustle member.

“I had a talk with Tip’s uncle Derrick, who co-owns Club Crucial,” Alfa said in an interview. “I was like ‘my daughter got stabbed up there dog and my son got his jaw fractured. He ‘was like huh? I didn’t know that.’ They didn’t know, they people they got into it with didn’t know they were my children. I was told that my children wasn’t in the wrong. The girls and the dudes attacked her and stabbed her and basically my son jumped in cause they were attacking his sister and somebody hit him from the blindside.”

Alfamega, real name Cedric Zellars, has confirmed both his children have been released from the hospital.

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