Nick Moore Leaves Before Their Eyes

A statement from Nick Moore himself regarding his departure from Before Their Eyes:

Hey Guys-

I figured I would give you an up to date on the situation surrounding myself & BTE. There are obviously some problems between the band/management/myself that have caused this back and forth drama leading to me not knowing the status of myself in the band. A lot of the problems are personal and I’m not going to throw anyone under the bus, I’m just not that kind of guy.

I started Before Their Eyes as a side project when I was bored one night in my bedroom nearly 4 years ago. I called up Jarrett (the only original member besides myself) and asked him if he wanted to be in my new project, things just went up from there. I brought Anthony & Elliott into this band and our friend Corey is the one who suggested Landon. Its been crazy ride and I love all of those guys to death.

We’ve released 3 albums and sold way more than any of us anticipated. I think we are probably at the highest point in our career musically & every other aspect.

I am updating you all because you’ve been there for us since day 1 and deserve to know the status of the band, instead of leaving ya’ll hang. As of right now I’m not in the band and I’m not officially out of the band. We should all know soon what exactly is going on.

Just so you all know – I want to be in Before Their Eyes more than any of you know. I am super proud of our latest album, I think it is easily our best one to date and I want to play these songs for every single one of you live. It would be a shame to see this go to waste bc it would never be the same.

Thanks for all the messages, emails, tweets, etc showing your support/concern.

Whatever happens will be for the best & I will let you all know as soon as I know my status.

Love you all. God Bless.


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