Parkway Drive Finished Recording!

Parkway Drive have finished recording their new album. A statement can be viewed below:


Done and done!

And just like that it’s all over! After a couple of years of writing, endless hours of rehearsing, fine tuning songs and practicing, our time in the studio is up. Kind of a surreal but very satisfying feeling.

Since the last studio update we finished all the rhythm guitar and bass tracks and dropped vocals on them as we went. The last five days were spent doing guitar overdubs, solos, and touching up all the finer details in each song. Some interesting things were happening during this time. Joe pulled out all sorts of guitars, pedals and amps for certain parts and it was cool to get to use a lot of different gear and experiment with different sounds. Beats playing everything with the same guitar, same amp then digitally modifying it in pro-tools any day!

Marshall from The Warriors flew down to sing on a track (which sounds ridiculous) and a few of the other guys from the band came in and helped with some gang vocals. Jeff and I pulled out a few high pitched squeaks that sounded like a couple of 10 year old boys, so we were soon banned from the gang vocal room.

We’ve put a lot of hard work into this record and now it’s up to Joe to work his magic mixing the thing, getting it mastered and have it out for you guys to listen to real soon.

A video diary of our time in the studio will be up in the coming days, make sure you check it out!


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