Patrick Stump’s solo album

In a recent interview, Fall Out Boy frontman Patrick Stump described his upcoming solo album and touched upon the future plans of FOB. When asked to describe his solo album slated to be released this summer, Stump responded, “It’s really hard to describe. It’s easier to say what it’s not. It’s definitely not a rock record. It has some elements of … my dad was a folk singer, and so I think there’s always gonna be an inherent folkiness to the lyrics, not necessarily in any other way. There’s a lot of R&B, there’s a lot of funkiness to it. I would definitely characterize it as at least some kind of outsider folk music.”

When asked about the plans for FOB, Stump said, “I don’t, I kind of … what happens, happens. I’m pretty happy where I am right now. I’m kind of thinking of where I am right now, so first things first. What’s that saying? The journey of [a thousand miles] begins with a single step? On most days, I don’t really even [think about it]. I haven’t even thought about the logistics of going on a tour, let alone the logistics of what’s up with my old band, you know?”

Read the entire interview here and watch an earlier interview that Stump gave on the album below.

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