The Boys Of Summer Sign To Authentik Artists

#fullpost{display:none;}The Boys Of Summer have signed to Authentik Artists and are set to release their new album, ‘What It’s All About’ on June 15th.

Message from the band:

“Hey Everyone,

We are very proud to announce today that we have signed with some very good friends of ours over at Authentik Artists. They will be releasing our debut full length album on June 15th, and it will be titled “What Its All About” you guys can head over to our online store and pre order that record as well. We are so very excited to be working with Authentik on this record. The people over at Authentik are like family to us, and we could wouldn’t trust anyone else with something we worked so hard on over the past year. In playing in different bands over the past 5 or 6 years. Something that has become very important to us, is working with people you love and trust. Keep checking back on our page for tons of updates. We are very excited for this summer. Thank you to all our fans for sticking by us this winter. We were hibernating only to come out of our shell this summer. Hope to see all of you soon.


The Boys of Summer”

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